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The Nasiona Podcast

The Nasiona Podcast amplifies the voices and experiences of the marginalized, undervalued, overlooked, silenced, and forgotten, as well as gives you a glimpse into Othered worlds. Hosted, edited, and produced by Julián Esteban Torres López.

Jun 28, 2019

A portrait of a Burmese woman's quest to piece together the fragments of her identity and how she's helping empower the people of Myanmar with social and emotional intelligence through her psychological consulting firm so they can heal, transform, and grow to reach their fullest potential and contribute to the...

Jun 1, 2019

Motherhood has often been considered a pinnacle of wisdom and serenity, a sort of joining together of all those parts of ourselves that were supposedly, until this point, in lesser focus. But in truth, more often than not, motherhood opens more doors than it closes. It is an endless series of complications and...